I am a Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Political Science at Georgia State University.  I successfully passed my comprehensive exams in October of 2016 in American Politics and Public Law.  I received my Bachelors in Political Science in May of 2013 with Research Honors within the Honors College at Georgia State University. I was admitted into the Direct Admit Ph.D. program in Political Science in 2013, and received my Masters of Arts in Political Science in 2015.

My primary field of study is Judicial Politics, and I am currently working on my dissertation on state supreme court workloads. I am specifically interested in looking at how judges utilize technology to manage their time and workloads. I have diverse methodological training in quantitative, qualitative, survey, and experimental methods. My research includes work with text analysis and readability software.

As of Spring 2018, I am on a graduate student appointment with the Georgia State University’s new pipeline Center for Advancement of Students and Alumni (CASA).

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