Confessions of a Caffeinated Candidate rose out of my work with the Center of the Advancement of Student and Alumni at Georgia State University. In my role at CASA, I was often asked to write blog posts for undergraduate students aspiring to go to graduate school or to seek other professional degrees. Some of the posts here will be duplicates of the ones available at CASA’s site which is currently under construction. The ideas for this blog and its posts have all arisen from the various challenges or stories that I encountered on my path to and through graduate school. The posts range from providing advice about applying for graduate school, the skills needed for graduate school, or even the basic day to day of life in graduate school. The topics discussed cover a wide range of activities including tips, advice, challenges, and how-to-guides. None of the information given in these blogs is a definitive answer to questions that students may have while going to graduate school or thinking about such, but rather it is a resource that students can use when trying to answer some of those constantly nagging questions. Thank you to the CASA team for all your support and to all those individuals that have supported me on this crazy ride to becoming an over caffeinated candidate and hopefully (one day soon) PhD.



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