Center for Advancement of Students and Alumni

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The Center for Advancement of Students and Alumni (CASA) aims to support undergraduate student and recent alumni progressions beyond the bachelor’s degree into professional programs for attaining J.D.’s, Ph.D’s, and M.D.’s. CASA is a new pipeline program initiative at Georgia State University as of Fall 2017.  Some of my current work with CASA leverages my quantitative research and analytic skills to help advance student success and career achievement into these programs by developing an Early Identification System (EIS) to target students best suited for succeeding in these degree paths. I also work with the Center to plan professional development programming (i.e. workshops, expert panels) and blogs on admissions, financial planning, and other relevant topics/skills to bolster student preparedness as they begin planning for their futures. Additionally, I provide individual consulting and mentoring to undergraduate students with an interest in these professional degrees. The CASA blog including posts from myself and other individuals working at the Center is forthcoming.

Promotional material for some of the CASA events I assisted in organizing are available below:



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