Political Science Student Organizations

President of the Political Science Graduate Student Association 

Georgia State University – Atlanta, GA

Fall 2015 – Fall 2017

The Political Science Graduate Student Association engages in a variety of activities designed to foster academic growth and professional development among both MA and Ph.D. students. The primary goal of GSA is to provide members with the tools and resources needed to successfully complete the program and prepare students for the job market.

To fulfill this mission, the organization works towards the following goals:

1. Providing funding opportunities for membership and attendance to national political science organizations.

During my tenure as President, I worked with several national organizations to expand sponsored membership offerings for graduate students at GSU. 2013-05-12 11.38.51In addition to continuing our relationship with the American Political Science Association (APSA), I expanded offerings for students to the Midwest Political Science Association (MPSA), the Southern Political Science Association (SPSA), and the International Studies Association (ISA).
I also worked with these organizations (MPSA, ISA, and SPSA) to coordinate volunteer workers to help with various conference duties during their annual conferences in Chicago, New Orleans, and Atlanta.

2. Work with the Department of Political Science to host professional development workshops, guest scholar symposia, and mentorship gatherings

As a student organization we are encouraged to promote interdisciplinary and inter-organization cooperation when hosting events. As a result of these goals, I was frequently tasked as president of the GSA to create, coordinate, and execute various guest speaker symposium, research colloquia, and professional development events for graduate student enrichment. Additionally, I coordinated with the departments of Political Science, Sociology, the Institute for Global Studies, and other student organizations (Pi Sigma Alpha, Pre-Law Society, Young Democrats/Republicans) to help to sponsor and enrich campus life.

3. Host an annual professional research conference with round-tables, research panels, and a keynote professional development talk from a visiting scholar.

2013-05-13 11.34.57Part of my role as president was to work with the GSA conference board to host the annual Political Science Graduate Student Association Research Conference. Continuing the work of the prior organization presidents,  I expanded the annual research conference for our graduate students to include round table paper discussions for younger students in the program and to include students from surrounding Southeastern universities.

Vice President of Graduate Affairs of Pi Sigma Alpha – Nu Phi Chapter

Georgia State University – Atlanta, GA

Fall 2014 – Fall 2016

The Nu Phi chapter’s objectives are to promote a greater understand of issues relevant to political science, encourage scholarship, and to promote academic excellence and service in students of the discipline. It is an organization that caters to both graduate and undergraduate student populations. Screen Shot 2018-04-05 at 3.22.18 PMAs the Vice President of Graduate Affairs, I helped to coordinate various political debates, guest lectures, and academic social events. The organization’s most prominent event each year is the Induction of new chapter members in the Spring which includes a guest lecture and presentation of awards. The role of the Vice President of Graduate Affairs is to ensure that the graduate student population is represented by the organization.


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