University and College Service Roles

Leadership and Advisory Positions

College of Arts and Science Strategic Planning Committee on Graduate Programs

Spring 2017

I served as one of two graduate student representatives for the Georgia State Five Year Strategic Planning Committee for the College of Arts and Sciences on the subcommittee for Graduate Programs. The goal of the committee was to make recommendations for the College’s Strategic Plan for the further growth of the graduate programs.  I worked exclusively with the Assistant Dean of Graduate Programs for the College of Arts and Sciences to collect and analyze retention and graduation data for the Georgia State College of Arts and Sciences Graduate Programs from 2003-2013. The goal of the project was to identify successful mentorship, funding, and progression strategies to improve the graduate student experience at Georgia State. It was also to be able to identify and target at-risk and minority populations in the student community to better improve their success at Georgia State while in graduate school.

Grad Group Orientation Leader –  Georgia State University Office of Graduate Programs

Fall 2017

As part of a new initiative by the Office of the Provost and the Associate Provost of Graduate Programs to welcome new graduate students to the Georgia State community various campus leaders were asked to lead sessions on campus resources and graduate student life. As one of these representative, I was placed in charge of a group of new students to act as a mentor while acclimating to Georgia State. The groups met monthly with various offices that provide services to graduate students to discuss the resources available to them. Topics and guest speakers for these meetings included the Library and its Subject Librarians , the Center for Teaching and Learning, and the Multicultural Center.

Graduate Student Orientation Break Out Group Leader – Georgia State University Office of the Provost Graduate Programs

Fall 2017

Due to my active involvement in the Georgia State graduate student community, I was asked to act as a break out group leader at the University’s annual new graduate student campus orientation sponsored by the Office of the Provost and organized by the Associate Provost of Graduate Programs.  At the orientation, I led a small group presentation about “Living in Atlanta”. The presentation introduced students to the culture and communities surrounding Atlanta. During my presentation and the subsequent Q & A, I provided advice and financial resources and how to to succeed when living in the Atlanta area as as graduate student.

Committee Service Positions

College of Arts and Sciences Student Tech Fee Allocation Committee

Committee Member 2018-2019

In the Spring of 2018, I served as committee member on the Student Tech Fee (STF) Committee for the College of Arts and Sciences to review tech fee proposals for the 2019 fiscal year. The allocation of technical fee and the review of proposals play an integral part in the success and development of technology for student use across the campus. Committee members were asked to evaluate the various proposals prepared by student organizations and offices for advancing the digital landscape of the Georgia State campus as a whole.

College of Arts and Sciences Student Activity Fee Allocation Committee

Committee Co-Chair 2016-2017 and Committee Member 2015-2016

While serving as the president of the Political Science Graduate Student Association (GSA), I was invited to serve on the student activity budget allocation for the 2016 fiscal year. The committee’s job is to review budget proposals by every student organization in the College of Arts and Sciences. Budget proposals are prepared by the leadership of every student organization each year. They contain impact reports, prior expenditures, and future event planning and expenditure for their organizations. Review of these proposal and allocation of their budgets is essentially to the development of a vibrant study body and campus culture. After my successful service in 2016, I was asked to return as a co-chair for the 2017 fiscal year budget review.

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