Working Papers

  • “How Do Judges Save Time? State Courts and the Opinion Writing Process”

    • Dissertation Prospectus
    • Committee Co-Chairs:Dr. Michael P. Fix and Dr. Robert Howard
    • Committee Member: Dr. Amy Steigerwalt
  • “Partisan Cues and the Supreme Court: Public Perceptions and Motivated Reasoning”
    • Master Non-Thesis
    • Committee: Dr. Michael P. Fix, Dr. Toby Bolsen, and Dr. Amy Steigerwalt
  • “Locked in a Box: How Activist Art Influences Opinions on Solitary Confinement”
    • Co-author with Toby Bolsen and Kristina LaPlant
  • “Measuring Personality in Political Science: An inquiry into Survey Measurement in Political Science”
    • Co-author with Elizabeth O’Callaghan and Liam Hayes
  • “Does Obfuscation Breed Obscurity? The Relationship between Readability and Citation Rates”
    • Co-author with Michael P. Fix
  • “Judicial Independence in a Comparative Context: Institutional Necessity or Democratic Precursor”
    • Co-author with Adnan Rasool
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