Working Papers

 “Locked in a Box: How Activist Art Affects Opinions About Solitary Confinement.” (with Toby W. Bolsen and Kristina M. LaPlant). Under Review.

“The Effect of Opinion Readability on the Impact of U.S. Supreme Court Precedents in State High Courts.” (with Michael P. Fix). Under Review.

Do the Scales Balance Both Ways? Gender Differences in Judicial Campaign Advertisements.” (with Kristina M. LaPlant).

“Partisan Cues and the Supreme Court: Public Perceptions and Motivated Reasoning.”

“Measuring Personality in Political Science: An Inquiry into Survey Measurement in Political Science.” (with Elizabeth O’Callaghan and Liam Hayes).

“Judicial Independence: Institutional Necessity or Democratic Precursor?”. (with Adnan Rasool).

“The Relationship between Student Attendance and Section Fees: A Graduate Student Initiative.” (with Fabian Neuner, Isabel Perera, and Christine M. Slaughter).

“Successes Towards a Ph.D.: A Retrospective Analysis of Alumni and Faculty in a Minority-Serving Research Institution.” (with Lisa P. Armistead, Kyle J. Frantz, Maurice Hobson, and Mykel Jones-Carson).

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